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The Wary Wolfman

He is an elderly Wolfman. What's a Wolfman, you ask? Well, theories abound as to the origin of the affliction, ranging from curse to wolf bite. The reality is that nobody knows for sure, and Varag never was keen on giving explanations.

In any case, it meant he's been feared and loathed in equal measure, and more often than not, hunted by bigoted and mean-spirited humans. It is worth noting that, given his berserker tendencies, such hunts rarely ended well for the aforementioned fools.

That is, until a not so foolish bounty hunter finally captured him. Not one to hold a grudge, Varag now works hand in hand with other survivors to make it out of the city. After all, there's nothing like a zombie apocalypse to bring people together!

"I'd rather not hurt you, but call me a 'good boy' even once and I'll play 'fetch' with your bones."

Varag is one of the Survivors in Darksburg.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive Wounded Beast When Varag's permanent health falls below 33%, it turns red and Varag enters the Wounded state. While Wounded, Call of the Wild charges up twice as fast!
Q Pounce Pounce.png A mighty leap that repels and damages enemies upon landing. Equally effective as an offensive or as a defensive move.
W Dire Bite Dire Bite.png A vicious bite that deals massive damage to enemies in front of Varag.
E Makeshift Shield Makeshift Shield.png Varag uses his former cell's door as a barrier to parry most attacks from the front.
R (Ultimate) Call of the Wild Call of the Wild.png Varag temporarily reverts to feral state, which deprives him of his shackle and shield, but allows him to use his other skills much more often. Additionally, mauling and biting enemies gives a bit of temporary health!

Video[edit | edit source]

Passive skills[edit | edit source]

ID Name Description
1 Watchdog All allies standing near Varag gain a 20% damage resistance. This is doubled while Makeshift Shield is held up.
2 Cornered Varag gains a 20% attack power and speed bonus while he's Wounded.
3 Basic Instinct Dire Bite gives Varag a bit of temporary health if he's Wounded.
4 Tough Guy Varag won't die on his feet if he's defeated on his last portion of health. He needs to be finished off while bleeding out to die for good.
5 Don't Feed The Dog Every hit blocked by Makeshift Shield slightly accelerate the cooldown of Varag's other abilities.
6 Bloodhound Varag can smell nearby Revenants lurking in the Fog of War. Check that radar of yours!
7 Spiky Shield Makeshift Shield deals damage to any foe attacking in melee. Varag can also deal them minor damage by ramming into them.
8 Bloodthirst Varag gains permanent health instead of temporary health when dealing damage during Call of the Wild.

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