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The Deadeye Duo

A prolific bounty hunter, expert marksman, with an eye (literally, singular) for a payday, Rose is not an easy woman to make friends with. Unless you're a small, striped rodent that she inexplicably takes a liking to, of course...?

"If we hear one more 'eye for an eye' joke, we're gonna go nuts!"

Rose & Twig is one of the Survivors in Darksburg.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive Headcount Each kill increases Rose's Headcount meter (some kills are worth more than others).

Headcount gradually increases Rose's rate of fire, but is reset upon taking any damage.

Q Somersault Somersault.png Rose leaps gracefully into the air to get herself out of harm's way...or reposition herself for a clear shot!
W Furball of Death Furball of death.png Rose sends Twig into the melee. Twig goes nuts and turns into a squeaking whirlwind of teeth and claws.

This obscures the infected's sight and slows them down heavily, making them easy targets for Rose.

E Drilling Bolt Piercing Shot.png A powerful attack that pierces through targets like a needle through fabric, dealing massive damage

along the way. Useful to weed out groups of infected, or to snipe a well-guarded target! Can be charged

for increased damage.

R (Ultimate) Barrage Barrage.png Rose fires up to three loaded bolts in the sky, that come down raining on infected and dealing a ton of

damage on impact. Perfect for killing off a Revenant or giving an ally some breathing space.

Passive skills[edit | edit source]

ID Name Description
1 Double Headcount Headcount increases twice as fast.
2 Gotta Go Fast! Rose's move speed is increased by 50% for 1 second after performing a Somersault.
3 Slithery'n Slippery If Headcount is maxed out next time Rose gets hit, she becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds.
4 Greedy Gals All monetary gains are increased by 15%.
5 Ninja Squirrel Twig deals considerable additional damage during Furball of Death.
6 Naphta-coated Loaded Bolts Barrage bolts burn the ground for 3 additional seconds after impact.
7 Double Tap Drilling Bolt's cooldown is replenished instantly it finishes off a Revenant.

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