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We missed a trick by not calling this Zombie horde mode, but I digress... Choose your Survivor and try your best to withstand an overwhelming onslaught of Zombies and Revenants in the gruelling Last Stand mode!

BELVEDERE[edit | edit source]

Belvedere illu.png

How did this outbreak start? Where are all these zombies coming from? Why do I feel such a deep sense of satisfaction killing them when the braziers are lit? Who keeps opening these gates to let more in? Is this a game to them?!

These are the questions you’ll be asking as you fend off progressively challenging waves of the undead and revenants in an attempt to maintain sanity and survive this very impractical situation.

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FARMLANDS[edit | edit source]

Farmland illu.png

One quick and simple way to taint your fresh water supply is to add a few kilos of undead corpses, that’s a fact.

Therefore, it is your job to not only overcome 20 increasingly difficult waves of the oncoming undead horde, but also to stop them from hurling themselves down the Farmlands well. Because for some inexplicable reason they seem to like doing that.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]